The World's Lightest Foldable Mine Detector

Developed and produced by TUBITAK with a TUBITAK license at ERBAB facilities.

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the world's lightest foldable mine detector cmt-100

Exclusive Design, Excellent Functionality

Ozan Technology was designed in a private mine detector laboratory by the Tubitak Bilgem team, who is an active actor in the mine detector business with 20 years of experience. The detector is viewed as the most advanced model of mine detectors ever produced, both technically and financially.

100% Original Design

CMT-100 is equipped with unique features such as lightness, detection sensitivity, ergonomic structure, and adjustable ground balancing by using Ozan Technology.

Peaceful Product

The principal goal of COMIT is to take place in the market with CMT-100, a peaceful product targets protecting the lives of all living creatures on earth.

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Quick Installation and Easy to Use

Compact and user-friendly design

Enhanced soil compensation

Audible, visual, and vibrating warning

Capacity to work with AA batteries

Suitability for operational use

Technical Specifications

Physical Characteristics

• Weight (including batteries): 1.5 kg

• Dimensions: 135 cm Full size, 20 cm(L) x 35 cm(L) x 9 cm(H) Folded dimensions

• Operates between -30°C and +50°C

• Rain resistant

• Submersible up to 1 meter

Electrical Characteristics

• Capacity to work with 8 AA Batteries

• Working Time: 13 hours (Rechargeable 2600 mAh)

• Working Time: 9 hours (Normal AA battery)

Detection Alert

• Audible, visual, and vibration

• Graphic LCD

Versatile Fields of Use

Handmade explosive screening activities

Civil defense activities

Mine Scanning Activities in Military Operations

Border Security

Road and land scanning activities

United Nations Mine Clearance Activities

Certificates & Brochure


It has successfully met MIL-STD 810G and IP-67 environmental testing standards
and MIL-STD 1472F ergonomics standards.


CMT-100 Brochure


  • HOSAB 3.Cadde No: 5/A
    Nilüfer – BURSA

  • +90 224 484 25 88 (Pbx)
    +90 224 484 25 99 (Fax)


The Comit brand is a BASDEC consortium.